There is a fundamental truth that is not talked about enough with couples...
The dynamics of power, how the conscious creation and sharing of power starts a vortex of uplifting energy and love that leverages each member of the couples' strengths and mitigates their challenges and weaknesses.

How the unconscious use of and sharing of power is the real undoing of most partners…the embedding of negative triggers, the subtle (or not so subtle) diminishing of our partners needs and often our own… 

Before you dismiss the truth of this consider the top reasons cited for divorce...

  • Money – in a recent study, 68% of respondents said fighting over money was their top reason for getting divorced;
  • Infidelity – understandably, particularly when tied to other underlying reasons such as anger, resentment, fundamental differences and growing apart;
  • Falling out of Love – sadly, often associated with couples focussing on their busy lives (work, children, community, etc.) rather than working on maintaining a healthy, loving relationship with their spouse;
  • ​Lack of Compatibility – over time spouses may find they are not aligned on some of the basics of family life (children, jobs, morals, etc.) sometimes resulting in resentment, frustration, and detachment;
All of these reasons are related to power, who has it, who does not, how it is shared, how it is created, how it is diminished…

The entire purpose of “The Power Between - a Reset for Couples” is to identify and stop the power patterns that set the negative spiral in motion, diminish the couple and create distance and dissatisfaction.

In its place we consciously create the foundation, communication, transparency and behaviors to set in motion the positive upward spiral that magnifies one another's strengths and draws us closer together through interdependence not co-dependence, sparks the most powerful creative force and drive in the universe…sex...and reveals a vision of our life together; present and future…

That is “The Power Between" that we have accessed several times in our 30 years together but never more powerfully than in the past year.

What does this mean in practical terms??

Our self care is better than it has been since we had kids. Combined we have shed over 60 pounds physically and I think 1000 pounds emotionally.

• We have been working out together 3 to 5 times per week. Running outside, mountain biking, trail riding, using our gym etc...Jay ran his fastest 10K in over 15 years…not in a race, just out for a regular daily run!

• We have created connection and intimacy rituals that have healed our hurts and unmet expectations and needs AND created the foundation to CREATE what it was that we both DEEPLY wanted but did not know how to manifest before.

• We broke our pattern of “We can figure it out ourselves…after all, we facilitated couples weekends for over a decade...” so we hired a Coach who illuminated our blindspots and assumptions…the truth for us is that 90% of the time we KNOW and GET what is going on for eachother…like finish one another's sentences accurately…But…that other 10%…when we get it wrong..we get it REALLY REALLY WRONG! We listened to and applied his tools and processes and did our homework…well mostly but that is a slightly different topic.

• We stepped... hell we catapulted ourselves outside of our comfort zone and embarked on Medicine Journeys. Note: as with all things you must do what works for you…Medicine Journeys are not required and if that idea is outside your comfort zone, that is fine but do not let it turn you off of the bigger picture. We share it here simply because it was incredibly powerful and profound for us and we want you to know that we will share transparently what supported us.

• At least once a month our date night started in the late afternoon and included a beautiful hotel room and we came home the next morning. Those nights dedicated to one another were powerful in breaking the pattern of our life, they reset the previously unconscious prioritization of everything BUT us…those dates changed us in the most powerful and amazing ways...

• We have started working together in our business again and have been enjoying it tremendously… The creativity and sheer magnetic force of opportunity and the experience of having one another's back and holding a vision of each others greatness and possibility has manifested miracles.

• Our sex life has never been better (yes even before kids, and yes even when we were teenagers)! Compared to the rut we fell into, we have had 10 years of sex (HOT AMAZING GOURMET MIND BLOWING SEX) in the past year...

• Our bedroom has become our sanctuary, a place that we both cannot wait to get back to at the end of the day…to sit in the tub unwind, talk (less about the day and more about US), laugh, enjoy a glass of vino and PLAY… ALMOST EVERY SINGLE NIGHT
Our experience of WANTING to give to one another, the little things and the EVERYTHINGS is simply transformative…ZERO obligation, no 'shoulds'…simply desire…the desire to see My Love smile…the desire for her to not just be loved… BUT FEEL LOVED…COMPLETELY…♥️

Join us
The Power Between, A Reset for Couples

November 18-20, 2022
Virtual, online event

EARLY BIRD Registration Fee is $997 USD per couple. 
Fee increases to $1497 on October 18, 2022

Who are we?

We met in high school. We were teenagers. It was 1984…

We celebrated our 25th Anniversary in August of 2020. 
We are blessed to be the parents of two boys, ages 10 and 15.

We have facilitated Couples Weekend and Retreats for over 10 years. We stopped when our older son was born. 
The Power Between is designed with the foundation of our past work with hundreds of couples + growth over the past decade in our primary relationship.

We have reset our calibration for one another in the most amazing way!

We are experiencing more JOY, LOVE and SEX than we EVER have…in 35 years of knowing one another…

Check out the conversation we had on the "JVology Show" and find out more about what led to the creation of The Power Between.

Yes I know…you have hurts, resentments, disappointments and it feels like that kind of love and connection feels lifetimes ago…(or perhaps never was)…
Us too…8 months ago I would have sworn to you that this was not possible…

We had gotten stuck..

We had “tried” to break the pattens of complacency…

We failed at the tough conversations…triggering each others' core wounds and ended up just pushing one another apart…

The reality of life today…kids, parents, business, travel, homeschooling, multi tasking…The truth is that the effort of making our primary relationship the priority CAN BE difficult…
But we give you our word…

The wall of no’s can become a sea of yeses.

The great divide in your bedroom can become the home of the transcendent “Holy Fuck.”

The commitment to yourself can be found through your commitment to each other.

Your fantasies can become reality in your life and bedroom.

You can be a team that faces and deals with whatever life hands you together…
and be closer and stronger for the experience.

If any of this resonates with you, hell if it triggers you (as it would have triggered us pre Shut down) you owe it to yourself and your partner to explore The Power Between, A Reset for Couples.

There is a pathway, there is a process…

It is possible...

The question is this... Are you and your partner committed and courageous enough to set aside what IS... for 3 days to discover what might be??

Join us
The Power Between, A Reset for Couples

November 18-20, 2022
Virtual, online event

Get a sitter, cozy up in a Hotel for two nights to participate in the weekend. This will make your homeplay a bit easier…plus allow for you to be away from all the distractions.
Friday 6pm-10pm, 
Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm.

EARLY BIRD Registration Fee is $997 USD per couple. 
Fee increases to $1497 on October 18, 2022

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